Saturday, April 22, 2006

Whose the special one now!

Well, when is all said and done Chavski will lift the Premiership title. But cups...champions league - out they go; Carling - they did rob us of that; and FA Cup...whose the Special One Now?

Answer: Ra, Ra, Rafael, Ra, Ra, Rafael, Rafael Benitez!

But seriously, my kaks needed changed after that 2nd half

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Delighted tho' I am - today's match was bloody poor! Robbie scored a great goal and for a few fleeting moments showed his past greatness, but this was a match we should have romped home with.

But I digress - delighted tho' I am with recent form - and importantly goals - we need to knuckle down for the rest of the season, overpower Chelsea in the semi final, win the cup - and then sign a shedload of new players, sell half a dozen (starting with Cisse and Nando), forget the World Cup hype and set sights on 2006/2007 domination over the unworthy!