Monday, October 31, 2005

By the Gods! A Win!

By all the Gods in the heavenly firmament! A win! And goals from open play! And against 11 men! And the Mancs had their arse kicked!Things are looking up at last!

Now a run of about 10 matches undefeated would help bring back the joy in Liverpool!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What fucking joy?

What fucking joy can anyone take from that shite tonight. Let's be honest the past two games have been unremitted bullshit with no, and I mean no, redeeming features. What is even more annoying is the boss didn't slag off the bunch of wasters! Read his excuses at but for fuck sake don't take them seriously. They need to beat West Ham on Saturday or I really will begin to despair.

Monday, October 24, 2005

No shit Sherlock!

Rafa says we need to improve (see link below). That comes under the heading NO SHIT SHERLOCK. We need to dump the baggage (Garcia, Morientes et al) and get some players with a bit of passion.

Interesting to note that Jamie C and Stevie G are in the shortlist for European Playe of the Year, none of the rest are. Go figure guys! Apart from Xabi, none of the rest of the bosses signings have done anything worthy of note. Even Mr Warnock, who he sensibly stuck with when many doubted (including me) was here before the Rafa Revolution.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Xavier drug shocker...

Sorry had to have a tabloid headline for this one. You may, or may not remember Abel Xavier - he played 13 or so games for us before being bucked out for having weird hairdo (now that doesn't bode well for Cisse!)

Xavier was revealed this week to have tested positive for drugs etc. Read more at

A win at last! Another goal

A win! Whoopee! And a goal, which was sort of from open-field play (well it was a free kick but it wasn't direct from the free kick...)

Read the BBC match report here:

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Stevie G out

Ho, hum Stevie G out for at least two weeks with a shin injury afetr England game, in which he played a blinder, leads to the question - shoudld he play in internationals. If you're English, yes; if you're a Liverpool fan who isn't English - no friggin way!

That ends this irrational post!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The ref's a wanker

Graham Poll you are a wanker of the highest order, and inconsistent to boot!

Not only did you fail to notice the Drogba handled the ball before the penalty incident, but you let him away with whining, yapping, gurning and all manner of dissent. Then you booked a legion of Liverpool players.

Then you allow a Chelsea player to pull a Liverpool player down at the edge of the box, handle the ball and scramble away.

Then you allow Drogba to manhandle players - but seem to draw the conclusion that because Xabi Alonso was grabbed round the neck it was Jamie Carragher's fault?

Yes, Chelsea were the better team, but I wonder how much better they would have been if they had Drogba rightly sent off. Are those billions of Russki Rubles now luring our premiership referees to a career in Moscow!


Nuff' said, we were humiliated. And Garcia - go away and learn to play 90 minutes, not just the 5 minutes when it suits you!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Oh for a goal

I sit here in the early hours of Sunday morning with one thought on my tiny mind - can we please score a goal on Sunday against Russkilea, sorry Chelsea! Better still score two. Just beat them!