Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Free Michael Shields

For those of you not yet aware Liverpool fan Michael Shields has been handed down a 15-year sentence in Bulgaria for a crime he didn't commit; a crime another man confessed to committing; a crime a witness says he couldn't have committed as he is sure Michael was asleep at the time.

Carra dedicated his goal in Lithuania to this innocent young man.

If you can, write to you MP asking he intervene to make sure the Government put presssure on Bulgarian authorities to release Michael Shields


How did they find the place? I know we're journeying far and wide, but how did they find Lithuania. Well some galant supporters managed to find their way to Kaunas - and lo and behold they witnessed a comfortable victory. Must have been comfortable for Carra to score!

Cisse? Got a goal but blew three other chances. And Stevie, well, he was Stevie - still Captain Fantastic. Bolo Zenden needs to take a lesson from Riise, when you get the ball in the box with a shooting chance just hit the bloody thing! Peter 'Hightower' Crouch? Jury's still out, but those legs are way too thin. I prescribe a strict diet of weights and Guinness!

But at least it's a win, and hopefully next week's second leg will now be a formality

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Olympian effort? No

Well, the friendlies fizzled out with a seven goal whimper tonight, when we struggled, huffed and puffed against a side that only have had one previous pre-season game. Ok, the lads were looking pretty relaxed about the whole thing, and there a new team came out at half time, but to let in three goals! And worse still it could have been more but for some dodgy offside decisions.

Of course we can always put it down to the Gaffer experimenting with the defence (as well as the midfield, attack and type of water).

Still, not a bad start, five games and 17 goals for, 6 against.

And the verdict on Hightower? Jury still out

Friday, July 22, 2005

It's all Greek to me

Well, after the 'triumph' against the might TNS, we have a friendly against that Greek team tomorrow night...maybe we'll get to see just 18 substitutes. Noticed on the official web site that new Chilean signing, Marc Gonzales will be out for start of season with cruciate ligament, Crouch is serving ban, and Zenden will be...Zenden. But has anybody noticed the lack of Dkimi Traore. He signed new deal then has disappeared...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Little and Large show

Just picture it - Peter "Hightower" Crouch and Luis Garcia talking tactics...the wee Spaniard will need a stepladder and high heel boots to reach Crouch's chin!

On that thought, is it illegal for a player to challenge for a corner while on another player's shoulders...With Garcia on his shoulders Hightower would be almost 6' 9"

Total naff solutions

So the 'massive hurdle' of TNS has been overcome in the march to another European Cup - but boy that was hard going watching the game. The tie was clearly over, and the team sat back (bah humbug!) but it was awful to watch. The best quotation of the night came from McKenna the TNS manager - he said it was "cruel" to send Gerrard on when his side was tired. Too right mate, but Liverpool could do with being a lot more cruel this season!

Monday, July 18, 2005

18-man squad for TNS

It's the eve of the second leg of the first qualifying stage of the UEFA Champions League against TNS. That's a helluva mouthful, event with a three letter acronym thrown in with the UEFA four for added good measure.

It should be a stroll in the park - but then again it should be 6 nil going into this ridiculous second act of this comedy farce. Bolo Zenden promises they team will take it seriously. I should fucking hope so! UEFA may be taking the piss putting us through this game, but Liverpool must rise above this and humiliate all in their path.

Nope, you can sod your sentimentality, this is all about showing the bureaucrats that we will not be bowed by their pettiness. Each minnow in our path must be dispatched with clinical percision. And for fuck sake Nando the goal is the big thing with netting behind it and your paid a fortune to put the ball in there not frig about!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Welcome to the new season

I remember primary school. Now when you're like me pushing hard towards 40, that's a long time in the past. When I was that age I was a Liverpool fan. I'm still a Liverpool fan. Just I'm now a frustrated Liverpool fan.

I'm not frustrated because of the wayward and inconsistent premiership performances - I'm frustrated because I live in Northern Ireland and haven't been to Anfield for many a long year.

I'm left to the devices of Sky (a.k.a. Bastards) and other TV companies to glimpse Liverpool FC. It's not enough. Therefore I chose this blog to regale you with my opinionated views.

Please feel free to join in!