Friday, September 30, 2005

0-0 and 0-0

Well, one can only look forward to Sunday and the offchance that a Liverpool striker will finally find the back of the net; or a midfielder; or a defender. Fuck sake I wouldn't care if Pepe scored! Just a goal, please just a goal...Perhaps we should revert to the tactic suggested in this blog - put Luis Garcia on Peter 'Hightower' Crouch's shoulders for corners. It would also keep the wee Spaniard out of harm's way!

Oh, and Garcia - in case you are colour blind, we are the team that play in the red shirts; can't miss 'em with the brand of a well known lager on the front, please stop passing to the opposition or running into a crowd of then

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Boring, boring Scum

Rafa has created a team that can play a detailed flexible formation in Europe. Fergie hasn't had a clue in Europe since 1999. But the Scum are still a better organised Premiership side than we are.

On Sunday we stuck to a detailed game plan, that showed maturity and some degree of midfield flair. But all too often the final pass was lacking incisiveness and we lacked imagination. Pongolle is still too immature and, like Garcia is a lightweight when it comes to the more bruising matters.

But the real problem remains the frontline. Crouch is growing in stature (hopefully not in height!) and is showing he has a good touch. But we cannot sucker ourselves into thinking of him as an easy outlet. We need Hightower to be playing alongside someone who can use the space he creates. Cisse and Crouch has potential, let's see them paired up front for a couple of games.

(PS Warnock surprised me on Sunday - turns out he can play after all!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bettis bettered by Reds

Glorious movement, great goals and a system that switched between 4-3-3 and 4-5-1 depending on possession. For the first half it was an imperious Liverpool that bossed Bettis; controlling play and managing attacks with ease.

Peter 'Hightower' Crouch proved adept irritating European defences, with a presence (but I still worry about those skinny legs - defenders must be frightened to go near him in case the whole thing collapses on top of them!) Garcia looked busy and took his chance well. Sissoko was both brilliant and, at times, graceless. Alonso was quiet but effective. Pepe was comfortable and Jamie must have thought he's been given the night off. And what a revelation was wee Flo. The Pongole man was Sinnama-ing with purpose and vigour. When we had possession he was a busy wee bugger, nipping away. When we didn't, he tucked in on the right side, protecting Josemi, who at times looks vulnerable to players running at him. And when Flo got his chance, what a delightful touch!

And then came the second half. We allowed Bettis' 4-2-4 formation to unnerve us at the back, and Big Sami looked uncomfortable, and his positioning and awareness played a huge part of their goal. I hate to say it but the Big Finn looks to be in his twilight years; Rafa is right, we need another centre half. Big Zak needs to mature fast.

Make no mistake about it, Bettis will trouble Chelsea and Anderlecht - but be joyous, for we shall beat them both! Now roll on the weekend and the defeat of the Scum!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Hey ho, it's off to Spain we go!

Hey Ho, it's European adventure time - this time off to Seville for Real Betis at the start of the grope, sorry group stages. I hope we do well, do give our three match Premiership stuttering start a kick start!

We appeared to have played well against Spurs (it's the frustration of being a Belfast-based fan!) but failed to net.

Away in Europe we need to cop a few goals in these adventures. Make no mistake, Betis are a good side, but we need a win. Rafa, said it this week, when after the Spurs game he said: "I always pick a team with the intention of winning the three points." Let's hope the personnel he picks can do just that!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sorry Jamie and Steve

I'd like to apologise in public to Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerarrd. The apology:
"I wanted you to lose, and I wanted it really bad. And you did. I'm sorry that wanted you to lose. I'm sorry that you suffered the humiliation of defeat. But know that Northern Ireland kicked your English asses! In the word of an esteemed Belfast philosopher 'youse had yer ballix knocked in'."

Now, on to more serios business. Put the shame of defeat at the hands of glorious Northern Ireland to the back of your minds, forget the Swede and listen to the Spaniard and win on Saturday!!!!