Sunday, February 26, 2006

Not fans of Liverpool

To all the stupid bastards who attacked the ambulance carrying Alan Smith: "You are not fans of Liverpool FC".

Taunting, slagging off, banter and good and poor natured abuse are part of football. Violence is not. My father was unfortunate enough to witness the horror of Heysel and we all know the State's role in the terrible events of Hillsborough. Do not abuse the name of Liverpool FC by such behaviour.

Scraping another win

Well, we managed to scrape another win today, holding on to a 1-0 lead over a 10-man Manchester City; but a win is a win. Report on the official web site here

Kewell may be finally discovering form but he's still a long way off his best, while the team, overall, still seems a wee bit unbalanced. But this will give the squad confidence, despite their tired legs in what is a long season of playing

On a less bright note the scum won the League Cup for only the second time in their club's history. Funny how they have been taking it all seriously this year when not too long ago they called it the Worthless Cup the season we won it, when Worthington were sponsors. And to any scum fans reading you only have to win it another 5 times to equal our current record in the League Cup.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Momo out for season

The eye injury Momo suffered in Tuesday's bloody horrible match has most likely put him out for the rest of the season - just as he discovered he can play well!

After the tired looking display in Portugal I fear for Sunday's match against City - especially with Carra serving a suspension. Still, miracles can happen, and please, please, Wigan spank the Scum's arse in the Carling Final.

And wasn't it hilarious to see Fergie saying winning the Carling Cup would mean the Scum had a good season; and Jose 'Special My Ass' Murinho complaining about players acting and seeing no irony after Robben's death dance against us!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Keeping quiet and winning!

Deep joy,, deep, deep joy. Liverpool 1, Manchester United 0!

The pundits proclaimed all weekend, the radio punters spoke about Gary Fucking Neville and Wayne Wankstain Rooney, all bloody week, the TV teleprompter readers rattled on about Nistleroy. And we kept quiet.

And we won.

And not one Scum fan has so much as put their thumb to telephone keypad to text...Well, ha, fucking, ha, hope it's more irritating that I'm not texting to rub it in - I'm above that NOT!

So through to the quarter finals of the FA Cup. If it runs to form we'll face Chelski!

Saturday wasn't that great a match, but we bossed the midfield, and they never really looked like scoring. Felt sorry for Alan Smith (now there's a first, sorry for a Scum player!), but it looked horrific. Hope he recovers well, but would you be the next player to try and block a Jon Arne Riise free kick! Not me!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Liverpool 1 Arse 0

Arse to Arsenal - if Thierry Henry wants to go to a club with ambition, then he can always come to Anfield, that is if he can get past God to get on the team :) At least it was a win, and even if shrimp, sorry Garcia did nothing much, he did at least have the presence of mind to get in space for the rebound.

And boy isn't God looking sharp. Now, roll on Saturday!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

A win, dear God, a win!

Well it's three points - that's about the best one could say about it. Oh, and God's back; obviously not 100% fit yet, but still more dangerous and aware of how to play as a striker than the rest of the eejits up front for our team.

But more importantly we need to get our attitude straight soon - too many big matches coming up for us to have crap games from too many players. Rafa's analysis is here.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Look, I'm huffing

Look, I'm huffing - until we win again no more posts (sorry Constant Reader Sam!).

Ok, I might post again before then, only if Robbie starts the next game!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Pray hard for a striker

How come we can enjoy so much possession and not win - answer there's not a striker in the house. Hightower Crouch can't head the ball despite being nine feet, Cisse runs around a lot but does feck all else, and it really says something when Harry Kewell is looking like one of our best players! Please Robbie, get fit soon!