Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just enough

After the exuberant victory in the Charity Shield over Chelski the week has continued on a damp squib note. The Sheffield Utd tie showed how much Liverpool need to motivate themselves if they want to aspire to success. Against the Israelis we also were lack lustre.

Injuries may be accumulating, but that is no excuse. Riise, Carragher, Warnock and Sissoko are all essential players, but surely there is enough depth in the squad to make sure that we don't slip up.

Sure, Rick Parry will congratulate Rafa on getting the cash bonus of qualification, but will Rafa congratulate his side? Apart from Stevie G and, against Haifa, Crouch, few have covered themselves with honour.

Before West Ham on Saturday the players will have to step up their game.

PS - Chelski fall again at Middlesborough tonight, but before we all celebrate, last year we barely scraped a draw there!


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