Friday, August 18, 2006

Been a while, but I'm back

Been a while since I posted here - the agony of the last few weeks of last season were enough for the stoutest of hearts - not only the heart wrenching drama of the FA Cup Final, but the agony that came from the fact that we actually came close to being in 2nd place, or even higher. Had we not had a run of draws and losses around the New Year, we would have been much closer to Chelski.

Therefore the Charity Shield victory was all that sweeter. Chelski may have fielded a team that was lacking in fitness, but it was still their first team squad that took to the park. Despite the Chaven One's protestations we all know how badly he wanted to win this. Tough luck Jose., but this year Liverpool are a stronger, more confident unit.

Rafa's summer spending seems sensible and measured. Throughout all areas of the pitch there has been aquisitions. But blow me down with a Morinhuo waffle, it's now the United Nations of Liverpool FC. An Argie at the back, a Brazilian (our first ever) on the left competing with an Aussie, more Dutchmen than you czn shake a stick at (read Dirk Kuyt's official statement here), an Irishman, a Welshman, an African and... the requisite number of Scousers, it all looks well. But most importantly there is now competition for places. That will weed out the players who are only in it for the pay packet and those who want to play for the jersey.

It was therefore even more refreshing to hear Kuyt not claim he had been a red since birth, but rather he felt honoured to pull on the jersey!


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